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First Calls ITC system is a new patented innovation which provides temporary signals at complex junctions, the system can provide all of the functionality you would expect to see at existing permanent junctions, such as filter lanes, walk with traffic, scoot monitoring, Ibus, pedestrian countdowns etc. This system can also be used to convert into a permanent system reducing the project duration and cost of junction modernisations.

The system can we utilised in two different ways.

  • Converting existing junction modernisation schemes -  The ITC system can be used to provide temporary signals whilst modernisation works are conducted whilst also having the ability to include and transfer any permanent signals onto the ITC system once a section of modernisation works have been completed. This in reality means that once a phase of works has been completed that part of the junction has the potential for the traffic management to be removed with traffic flows returning to normal, removing congestion, emissions and creating better experiences for the road user. Normally this could only happen once all of the works were completed on the junction.

  • Providing temporary signals for complex junctions - In many instances in town and city environments it is impractical to work on busy junctions with standard temporary signals. Where emissions, congestion and journey times are key factors to keeping a city moving it is essential to keep traffic flowing efficiently. The ITC system can incorporate the junctions existing Method of Control and any additional phasing requirement. 


The First Call ITC controller is modular in design and can be configured for all types of intersections and pedestrian control scenarios. The modular software architecture provides full support for a range of integral traffic applications.

The First Call ITC controller is available as an integrated ELV 48V lamp switching variant. The controller is based on the Swarco ITC-2 hardware platform, supported by telent software architecture. This powerful package provides intersection, Pelican, Puffin and Toucan strategies to Highways England specifications TR2500.

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